Sunday, November 22, 2009

super Hero #13: Cyclops

Emergency, at Super Heroes Today we are running out of super heroes so please send us your ideas. If we don't get ideas we'll go out of business. At the poll we had a three way tie. We are going to let the poll remain open, but we are adding one more super hero (kind of). Along time ago I said if we had any kind of tie we'd review another x-men, but I broke that rule with She-Hulk. Enough of the chit chat let's get to the super hero.

This weeks super hero is Cyclops from X-men. His super power is optic blasts. His real name is Scott Summers. In the early X-men he used to have to take off his glasses every time he wanted to shoot an optic blast, but not anymore. Now with his new glass he just has to push a button. His glasses allow him to see and have his eyes open without his beam going crazy and destroying everything.

Thanks for checking out this weeks super hero and see you next week dudes and dudets.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Hero #12: Daredevil

Hi everybody, this weeks super hero is Daredevil. Sorry I wasn't here last week, I was busy and didn't have time but now I'm back. When Daredevil was young he lost his sight in a chemical accident. His other four senses were amplified and he also got radar vision. Now he is fighting for justice against people who killed his family. In the video you'll see all of his powers in action. Thank you for checking out my blog, check in next week for another super hero.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Super Hero #11: She-Hulk

Hello everybody. This week we had a tie again on the poll between Flash and She-Hulk. I decided a lot of you don't know She-Hulk to I'll talk about her. She is the cousin of the Hulk. She got her powers from the Hulk because they shared the same DNA and she was given his blood when she was hurt. She basically has the same powers as the Hulk except that she can change a lot faster and you'll see that in the video I'm going to show you today. In the video she has to replace the Thing from Fantastic Four because they made him human again and he doesn't know what happened. They vs. Mole Man in the video.

Thank you for checking out my blog.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Super Hero #10: Optimus Prime

Hello everybody welcome to Super Heroes today. Sorry about the poll we forgot to put a new one up. This week we picked Optimus Prime because the new Transformers 2 comes out this week on DVD. Optimus Prime is a transformer, but you knew that, he is the leader of the group and is a semi with flames on the side. Optimus Prime battled Megatron in the last movie and killed him but with a glimpse of this video you will see he is not dead. Optimus Primes power is to transform and he has a sword, but no guns. If you are looking for guns you might want to vote for Bumble Bee on the poll ;) Check out the movie this week and tell us what you think of it, and as always vote in the poll!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Hero #9 Ironman

This weeks super hero is Ironman. He has power energy in his chest that runs his suit. He doesn't really have super powers but he sure acts super. His suit gives him the power to fly, shoot bullets and strength. Make sure to watch the video of Ironman, Spiderman and the Hulk. At the poll we will have a mystery person. If you vote for them you will see a special video and review.

If you were going to go as a super hero for Halloween what would you be?

Video (sorry we couldn't embed it)
Spiderman Hulk Ironman CGI movie

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Super Hero #8 Wonder Woman

Welcome back to Super Heros Today. First thanks to the podcasters who played my promo. This weeks super is Wonder Woman. Her super powers are super strength, super speed and flying. She has a golden lasso as a weapon. Wonder Woman has bracelets that she can block bullets with, but she is not indestructible so if you dropped a bomb on her she'd die. Her advantage against that bomb is super speed. She is 2,000 years old because she doesn't age like a regular human does. Her secret identity is Diana Prince.

See you next week and remember to vote at the poll to pick the next super hero. If you have an idea for a hero in the poll let me know.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super Hero #7: Hellboy

This weeks super hero is Hellboy. I don't really know much about him but your in for kind of a treat. This week I am putting out 2 video for you and some stuff from Wikipedia so we can all learn more about him. If you know some interesting thing about Hellboy comment here on the blog. Thanks to @spaguyswife for commenting last week.

Here is some stuff dad and I found on Wikipedia:

-Among Hellboy's more obvious powers are superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury.
- Hellboy's right hand, referred to as the "Right Hand of Doom", consists of a large forearm and hand that seems to be made from red stone. The Hand is effectively invulnerable and feels no pain.
- The Hellboy is a demon who fights for the U.S. government and himself against dark forces including Nazis.